Spider Man Morales

In partnership with today’s leading game portals, we connected our semantic analysis technology, and delivered it to all people who were watching any articles related to the game and the movie, generating much greater engagement than expected for the customer.

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For Burger King, we designed a campaign with a guerrilla focus, synchronizing all of its competitor’s campaigns during Big Brother Brasil events. The campaign was so successful that we were able to outperform the competitor on every campaign day, comparing the snacks published on Google Trends.

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Isso é a-BIS-ti-nên-ci-a

Together with the BIS, we were able to impact the entire target audience that was interested in chocolate, through a campaign that took a totally relaxed tone, and enabled a greater understanding of the connection that gamer and geek audiences have with the products. We had great KPIs, and even a great review.

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